In-depth analysis: Design and optimization of BGA package and PCB differential interconnect structure

“With the continuous improvement of the communication rate of Electronic systems, the problem of signal integrity in the interconnection area between BGA packages and PCBs has become more and more prominent. “ Abstract: With the continuous improvement of the communication rate of electronic systems, the signal integrity problem of the BGA package and the PCB… Read More »

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Open a green channel for 5G network construction and terminal product launch testing

Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping asked the whole country to pay close attention to various prevention and control measures at a meeting on coordinating the promotion of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and to promote non-epidemic prevention and control while ensuring that epidemic prevention and control are in… Read More »

Will voice control become our primary user interface?

“Voice control and voice interfaces have begun to permeate all cutting-edge consumer device categories. Advances in speech recognition algorithms and AI accelerator hardware mean the technology can even be used in power- and cost-constrained applications, such as smart home devices. “ Translated from – EEtimes Voice control and voice interfaces have begun to permeate all… Read More »

Digital innovation breaks through the bottleneck of large-scale manufacturing of power batteries and welcomes the arrival of the “golden age” of electric vehicles

In recent years, my country’s electric vehicle industry has developed rapidly, and the number of electric vehicles has continued to grow, and the penetration rate has gradually increased. The latest data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that China’s electric smart vehicles have formed a certain first-mover advantage in the world,… Read More »