Apple China responds to iPhone mailbox vulnerability: no comment

Beijing News (Reporter promised) On April 23, in response to foreign media reports that a network security company discovered that the iPhone and iPad mailbox applications have loopholes that can be exploited by hackers, a reporter from the Beijing News asked Apple China for verification. Apple China declined to comment.

According to reports, it is a mobile cybersecurity company called ZecOps that claims to have discovered the vulnerability. The company’s chief executive, Zuk Avraham, said they had identified at least six cyberattacks that exploited the flaw. By sending some kind of seemingly empty email, the attacker caused the mailbox APP to crash and restart, and took the opportunity to obtain sensitive information on the device.

Multiple sources have indicated that the above-mentioned loopholes do exist. However, no one has yet been able to fully reproduce what ZecOps said about the attack. On overseas social media, some industry insiders also have reservations about whether they can attack through this vulnerability. Cybersecurity analyst Rcih Mogull said there does appear to be a vulnerability, but the evidence that an attack could be exploited through it is weak. Maddie Stone, a security analyst at Google’s Internet security project Project Zero, also said the process of exploiting the vulnerability was questionable and hoped ZecOps would provide more information.

The exposure of this vulnerability has also caused some users to worry about the security of Apple devices. Industry insiders pointed out that although Apple has always enjoyed a reputation for high security, it turns out that there is no system without vulnerabilities. According to reports, Apple has developed a beta patch and will fix the vulnerability with a full update.

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