Countdown to iOS 15 release: Here’s a look at what’s new

I believe that the fruit fans who have continued to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite should all know that WWDC21 will officially start next week, and it is obvious that iOS 15 will be the highlight of this conference. Interestingly, a list of iPhones supported by iOS 15 appeared on the Internet. From the list, you can see that all iPhone 12 series, all iPhone 11 series, and all iPhone X/Xs series can be upgraded to iOS15, including iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. The series can also be upgraded, but the iPhone 6s series is not on the list.

In other words, Apple has finally abandoned iPhone 6s series users. The iPhone 6s series has a considerable number of users, and the machine has also been hailed as a generation of magic machines, and it still runs smoothly today. The inability to upgrade to iOS15 this time may prompt some old iPhone users to choose to upgrade.

Countdown to iOS 15 release: Here’s a look at what’s new

According to foreign media reports, at the upcoming WWDC 21 conference, Apple will emphasize the privacy and security of iOS 15. There are various signs that along with major system updates such as iOS 15 and iPadOS, the iMessage application will also usher in a major upgrade.

The so-called iMessage is actually the “message” on the mobile phone, but it is not the same as the SMS/MMS service of the operator. Specifically, it is an instant messaging software launched by Apple, which supports sending text messages, music, red envelopes, videos, digital contacts, etc. Users only need to communicate via WiFi or cellular data network.

However, although the iMessage application is very powerful and can effectively protect the security of communication content, it has not been able to effectively cure the surging spam text messages. I believe that many iPhone fans have received spam text messages.

Obviously, this major update of the iMessage application is mainly to completely remove these spam messages, after all, Guofan has been suffering from spam messages for a long time. In addition, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that the iMessage app will also add features such as auto-reply to specific messages, do not disturb mode, sleep mode and more.

In addition, according to previous news, iOS 15 may bring a number of changes in appearance, expand desktop widgets, and possibly redesign icons to a “semi-materialized” style. In addition, iOS 15 is also expected to add the screen Display function that has been used on Android phones for many years. It is reported that Apple may only adapt this function for the iPhone 12/13 series, but in theory, as long as the models equipped with OLED screens can be realized This feature has to wait for Apple to officially announce it at the press conference.

In addition to the above-mentioned iOS 15 function predictions, it is reported that at this year’s WWDC, Apple may release a MacBook Pro equipped with Apple’s self-developed chips. At present, the time to the developer conference is getting closer and closer. What are the highlights of iOS 15? Will the above predictions come as scheduled? Mingmei will pay attention to this WWDC throughout the whole process and take small notes.

Countdown to iOS 15 release: Here’s a look at what’s new

In addition, only from the current exposure of several functions, the upgrade of iOS 15 is quite meaningful. After the new system is pushed, it is recommended that you upgrade, which may improve your daily experience. However, Apple’s recent system updates have all overturned, iOS 14.5.1 has halved its performance, and the iPhone 12 experience is even inferior to the iPhone XR. And iOS 14.6 has been reported by users that the power consumption is fast and the fever is serious, so that now iPhone users are afraid to upgrade the system at will.

However, with the lessons from the previous few times, and iOS 15 is another major version update, the probability of such bugs appearing is still relatively low. Let’s all look forward to Apple’s official announcement of iOS 15, hoping to bring more surprising new features.

In addition, since Apple is testing the new version of the iOS system internally, the information available to the outside world is relatively limited, which makes the new iOS version every year even more exciting.

Countdown to iOS 15 release: Here’s a look at what’s new

Finally, at one o’clock in the morning on June 8th, iOS 15?, iPadOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 will meet with you, let’s wait and see.

It is expected that the first beta version of iOS 15 will be open for download after June 8, and fruit fans who want to try it can upgrade the experience as soon as possible. The official version of iOS 15 will not be pushed to users until the fall (probably at the end of September) with the launch of the iPhone 13.

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