Tuya Smart Releases the First IoT Application Terminal Wi-Fi 6 Module

“Subsequently, Electronic products such as “Wi-Fi 6 router” and “Wi-Fi 6 wireless network card” have sprung into the market like mushrooms after rain. “Higher throughput”, “stronger anti-interference”, “more secure”, these advantages occupy major news headlines for a while, and for ordinary consumers, owning a Wi-Fi 6 device is the most intuitive experience, but It’s just… Read More »

EW50107FLYU New Stock

#EW50107FLYU EW50107FLYU New , EW50107FLYU pictures, EW50107FLYU price, #EW50107FLYU supplier Email: [email protected] https://www.slw-ele.com/ew50107flyu.html « Circuit Design and Implementation of MEMS Microphone (1) V2X Internet of Vehicles: The battle for standards, who will win? »


#SEMIX653GB176D SEMIKRON SEMIX653GB176D New SEMiX 3s (150x64x17) 1200V 150A Half Bridge IGBT 4 (Trench) In production , SEMIX653GB176D pictures, SEMIX653GB176D price, #SEMIX653GB176D supplier Email: [email protected] https://www.slw-ele.com/semix653gb176d.html Features . Honogengous SI . Trench= Trenchgate technology . Vce(sat) with positive temperature coefficient . High short circuit capability Typical Applications* . AC inverter dirves . UPS . Electronic… Read More »


#SKHI 22AR SEMIKRON SKHI 22AR New In production new Driver Core Half bridge 1700V 20A , SKHI 22AR pictures, SKHI 22AR price, #SKHI 22AR supplier Email: [email protected] https://www.slw-ele.com/skhi-22ar.html Features . Two output channels . Integrated power supply on the secondary sides . CMOS compatible inputs . Short circuit protection by Vce monitoring and switch off… Read More »

eupec TD162N16KOF New Stock

#TD162N16KOF eupec TD162N16KOF New Netz-Thyristor-ModulPhase Control ThyristorModule 1600V 162A , TD162N16KOF pictures, TD162N16KOF price, #TD162N16KOF supplier Email: [email protected] https://www.slw-ele.com/td162n16kof.html Maximum ratings and characteristics .Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25°C unless without specified) Collector-Emitter voltage Vces:1600V Gate-Emitter voltage VGES:±20V Collector current Ic:162A Collector current Icp:260A Collector power dissipation Pc:1160W Collector-Emitter voltage VCES:2500V Operating junction temperature Tj:+130°C Storage temperature… Read More »